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My Career 

I was born and raised in Switzerland. After studying social pedagogy for two years at the university in Zurich, my great passion led me to Hamburg, where I trained as a musical theatre performer. This was followed by 14 years on stage (at that time I was called Zottele) in a wide variety of productions. 

My personal path as a stage and voice artist led me into the world of improvisation and other forms of vocal art. This is where I experience singing freedom, my own creativity and the desire for artistic expression with body and voice most strongly. 

The combination of technical vocal training and free, intuitive and artistic approaches to the voice are also reflected in my pedagogy. During my additional studies in music education (Bachelor of Arts) I specified my own pedagogical offers, which consist of a mix of popular methods of voice and singing training, speech therapy, movement, music therapy and improvisation.

I’m very happy to now be able to utilise and draw upon my personal experiences and acquired knowledge, and apply this with great passion to my Sing!-options, which also allow me to continue to grow even further through this work.

Furthermore I am a member of the BDG (Bundesverband Deutscher Gesangspädagogen). Which means that I am in continuing exchange with professional colleges and commit myself to regularly taking part in further training.



PAMELA NEUFFER (download pdf)

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My Qualifications and Further education

2023  //  Certificate 6th Hamburg Voice Symposium

2023 //  Certificate syng:TRAINING

2021  //  Advanced training in voice and hormones, Inselspital Bern

2020  //  Bachelor of Arts Music Education, Hochschule Osnabrück
2020  //  Estill Level 1 and 2, certified, Osnabrück
since  2019  //  Circle Singing Workshops (including Roger Treece/Albert Hera/Rhiannon)
2019  //  Vocal Symposium of the Voice Clinic in Hamburg, certified advanced training
2018  //  ISA certificate, voice therapy according to Schlaffhorst-Andersen
2018  //  r. e. s. e. t, certified advanced training for jaw relaxation according to Rafferty
2015  //  Linklater Seminar, biss Institute, Berlin
2015  /Music therapy, Institute for Music Therapy, Berlin Since
since  2012  //  Various workshops in voice work according to Roy Hart
2011  //  CVT 14 days intensive solo sessions, Copenhagen
2006  //  state-approved stage actress, Stage School Hamburg

2001 – 2003  //  Social pedagogy, University of Zurich
2000  //  Teacher training certificate (Abitur) of the Canton of Zurich

My Working Method

I consider vocal training to be of equal importance to intuitive and personal emotional development. My two main areas of interest are voice in life and voice in art, with all the many topics that these combine. I work with adults.

Singers, actors and voice professionals from various disciplines are supported in their training and in their professional and artistic development. Preparations for auditions, entrance exams and training are also accompanied. And people who are not active as vocal professionals but who are seriously interested in their own vocal development are also in good hands and very welcome here. 

Rather than following one specific singing school or method, I prefer to use a combination of exercises from different methods. These include Belcanto as well as Estill and CVT, functional approaches and voice therapy methods according to Schlaffhorst-Andersen. The combination of technical voice training and free improvisation together with Circle Singing, is for me the closest to the wholeness of vocal training required to be a professional singer. Therefore I am thrilled to be able to offer my lessons based on an eclectic mix of these approaches.

For more information, see single lessons, courses and workshops.

My Philosophy


The human voice is about so many things combined: voice is breath, body, personality, means of expression, movement, life, individuality and voice is also a physiological apparatus consisting of muscles, mucous membranes and cartilage. Voice can be considered medically, psychologically, socially, therapeutically, physiologically, analytically, pedagogically and artistically. All
approaches to the voice have their place and can be helpful for voice training, singing training, personal well-being and health. Every voice is unique and individual, just like the person who creates the sound. At the same time, regardless of our singing abilities, in certain ways we are all the same. For example, we are all in constant exchange with our environment and our fellow human beings through the voice. Somehow, it must always find its way through the apparatus of the body, from the inside to the outside. The more flowing, lively and light this constant interaction between inside and outside is, the more comfortable and balanced we feel and in turn, the more versatile, flexible, differentiated and authentic we can be in our expression of ourselves in life and in art. 

Using, training and developing the voice increases physical and psychological resilience and enhances self-confidence, communication skills and joie de vivre.
It is my great concern to enable other people to experience and develop their voice.

I look forward to all singers whom I may support andaccompany on their individual vocal journeys.

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