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One-to-One  Lessons


In the individual lessons the focus is on the Voice training/singing training andon your individual concerns andaim.Every voice is unique and individual, just like the person who makes it sound. Accordingly, we react to different approaches. At the same time, regardless of our vocal and singing abilities, we are all the same in certain things. For example, when it comes to the function/physiology of the voice. That's why I work with a variety of methods. This includes exercises from bel canto as well as those from Estill and CVT, from functional approaches or from voice therapy according to Schlaffhorst-Andersen.I draw on all the experience I have gained so far and the knowledge I have acquired in order to support and accompany you as best as possible on your own path with your voice.

Here the focus is on voice training/vocal training and on your individual concerns and goals.
I do not follow one singing school or method, but combine exercises from different methods. These include bel canto as well as Estill and CVT, functional approaches or logopaedic exercises according to Schlaffhorst-Andersen. I draw on all the experience and knowledge I have gained so far to support and accompany you in the best possible way on your journey with your own voice.

All adults, with or without previous experience, who have a serious interest in their own voice development are very welcome here.
I support singers, actors and voice professionals from various disciplines in their training and in their professional and artistic development. I also help them prepare for entrance exams and training courses.


Voice training for performances/presentations
Speaking in front of other people and presenting something requires not only professional preparation, but above all that you feel comfortable with yourself and your voice. With your natural voice and an authentic appearance, you can achieve the desired effect of your presentation.
In a one-to-one coaching session, I can address your individual situation in

which you need your voice as a strong partner at your side. You will learn breathing and voice exercises that you can continue to use independently as training and preparation for presentations.
These will also help you to stay calm in stressful situations.  Your next performance should be fun.

I look forward to supporting and accompanying your individual voice development.

You can find more information about my working method

and philosophy here:

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